The closer the place, the more difficult to make time is my belief. Had been meaning to visit this place immediately after it opened, but just could not make time. Then a colleague’s birthday came up and it was unanimously decided to try out Smoke house deli.

We were lucky to get bookings on a Saturday afternoon, given the fact that it is always crowded. The first impression on entry just knocks you out. A wonderful ambiance, with murals on the walls, antique look and a huge desert shelf facing you.

Since there were 10 of us, with equal vegetarian and non vegetarians, we managed to try substantial amount from the menu.

We tried the mushroom soup as well as a chicken soup, which was nice and just right accompanied by the bread basket, which they refilled without being asked to.

The sandwiches and risotto for the vegetarians was good, whilst the Basa in a couple of different forms hit just the spot. Those who tried the tenderloin were quite impressed. Then came the clincher. The desserts – enough said – all the four including mud pie were sinful and to die for.

This is one place that I need to visit a couple of times before I am satiated, having tried most of the menu.