Due to my constant Travel and #driverkatha problems that I tweet about, I have had an occasion to use most of the cab services in Bombay over the past 6 months.

I had used Easy cabs once earlier and found them pretty good. Hence last week, when TabCabs was unable to provide service, I called Easy Cabs for a cab in the evening on the 22nd May 2012. They confirmed and ensured that the cab would reach on time which was 6:45 approximately.

The driver called once saying he was five minutes away, so after directing him, went down and waited. Not locatable after 15 minutes, called, phone constantly busy, but finally reached and the journey began.

For some reason, the meter was not working and he informed me that would take according to kms, normally I confirm this with call center, but was in a hurry so said, let’s go.

Reasonably good driver, except that he wore a scarf, beneath which he inserted his phone to talk to his family. Upon reaching the destination, he quoted Rs. 430/- (against a consistent and normal 345 -365 that I pay others). His logic – too much traffic, this was also accepted, gave him the money, asked for a receipt.

Promptly told that the machine not working. So demanded a hand written receipt. He took out, wrote the details and handed it over. I was shocked to see that it was ‘Meru Cab’ receipt. On being asked, he said ‘Saab, aapko kya farak padta hai, Meru ho ya Easy’ and zoomed off.

That evening I was too tired, but the next day called up Easy cabs – couldn’t get thru, so tweeted about it. No response. So sent an email with a copy to their Managing Director – Rajiv Vij, an old friend, who immediately responded “Thank you for sharing this with me. I will get this checked and resolved” Post this I received a tweet – “We apologize for the inconvenience & have taken this matter internally”.

Deatails: Booking ID B052205684 / Car nos 2782 / Chauffeur 9022251832 and the receipt issued.

Easy Cab receipt

Easy Cab receipt

It has been a week and I am yet to hear from Easy Cabs. But guess that is my problem.

Written by AD
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