One of those few restaurants around lower Parel besides the Shetty joints, that deliver reasonably on time.

We have tried it twice over the past month and found it pretty good – service and the food much superior to Mumbai Deli and others in and around.

We tried the following – German potato salad – very nice, but I personally prefer it chilled or at least cold, which was not the case both times; Fruit and Nut salad – my personal favourite, with enough fruits to make it worthwhile and healthy 😉 In the sandwiches tried Paninaro cream cheese – very nice and a permanent fixture in our order; grilled chicken & pesto – worth a try but not grilled properly Inspite of specific instructions; simply chicken, mustard and mayo was very nice, probably the best of the lot, though the Dijon taste was a bit of suspect.

All in all a good option, though you may need to order early because by 1:30-1:45 pm they run out of a lot of things.