Whilst I always have a problem with Gujarati thali – they try to create a fusion – thanks to their end to cater to variety of people; I’m also a glutton for punishment, because I tend to try everyone of them,

I was a bit disappointed with Rajdhani being sold of by the Barots, but then the branding changed at Crawford market and I continued hearing good things about it. However, taking a visa to just go and eat a thali does not figure very high on my list of priorities.

But then surprisingly, maybe Kamlesh took pity on me and opened right across to where I stay and so off one evening we trooped to try it out.

The trick to eat at a thali restaurant is to normally go within the first 45 minutes or in the last 45 minutes (why? Cannot be written here, can’t give away secrets can I?)

Nicely done, well appointed, the menu that evening was pure Gujarati – 2 Farsan, 2 sweet with one being aam ras, 4 vegetables, dal, Kadhi etc..

The service was quick, food excellent and we were left satiated in under 30 minutes. Keeping in mind that day’s menu I found it much better than Maharaja Bhog and Panchvati Gaurav…..but different day, different stokes.

I would definitely turn on another day and try it out.