I had originally visited it within a couple of days of their opening/launch and it had immediately gone into my ‘Not to be visited’ list, in spite of my colleagues vouching for the changes and my friends picking up stuff from there regularly.

And, it seemed that there was a SM conspiracy afoot, because I received an invite to check out their newly launched ‘High Tea’. One of those few timing right, walk across invites and so decided to visit them.

Walked in and decided to take a look all around – there is a marked difference over the last couple of months, found the prices aligned mostly, with a few higher prices, but that is fine.

Then went up and introduced myself to Rohet – Chef aka Operations Head and Chandni who had actually invited me.

Discussed a lot of things, mostly food related whilst waiting for others to join, which they did quickly and we got down to business.

High Tea – This is really a tempting offer at 500/+taxes for 2 people and covers unlimited tea/coffee (and yes they are kind enough to serve you cold coffee/tea also if you ask); choice of veg/non-veg sandwiches with different breads that you can choose. Veg sandwiches that day were – mushroom, mix vegetable & cream with cucumber, whilst Non veg were two chicken options out of which garlic chicken was absolute yummy, and a corn option. Then there were of course the scones with cream & jam. The cinnamon and cherry jam was a nice touch and took me back to many an afternoon spent lazing in England over high tea. Tummy full by now, but there were some pastries left, which Rohet and the lovely Ruchi (photographer,blogger) pushed me into trying and ecstasy it was – Mocha cheese cake, absolutely superb, but with great control avoided the lemon tart and black forest promising to come back later and try it out.


Service – was good, maybe because this was by invite, but even otherwise look good with smiling faces on the retail floor also. Yes, they probably need to polish their cleaning skills and carry napkins like the British butlers:)

Price – some may find it a bit high, but for the space, ambiance and service found it pretty ok. Besides, their promotional offer for High tea and Lunch make it worthwhile.

I have serious plans of visiting soon to try out the entire range.