After a not too good experience during an event, I got an opportunity to visit again this Saturday for a friend’s birthday party.

At 9 pm on a Saturday in Bombay the place was literally deserted, however since we were a group of 20+ it did not matter.


For accompaniments with drinks, we had Bruschetta al pomodorro which were pretty nice, pita pockets with a choice of stuffing – again nice and the hummus was fresh too, Bostondicini di pollo bbq (barbeque chicken) was the best of the lot, whilst the lamb balls left a lot to be desired. There was veg and non veg pizza, with the veg being really good, whilst the chicken pizza was a damp squib.

For dinner we just had Lasagna di pollo – made very nice and Lasgne con verdure which was better.

To polish it off, we had chocolate mud pie with ice cream and cheesecake.

All in all a good time, particularly with the bar area allocated to few small groups & they humored us by playing Bollywood music also, with excellent service.

However, it was still a mystery as to why it was practically deserted on a Saturday evening, whilst Hometown, Bora Bora & Kazan across the road were jam packed. But never mind, a place I would not mind visiting again.

Location: Andheri West
Meal: Lunch
Food 8/10
Service 8/10
Ambiance 8/10
Damages: around 5600 for 5 inc drinks