I had never visited this place, because it was in Bandra and even though in Bangalore it was right opposite to our place of work.

Finally the Mecca to Mohammed or whatever it is happened and they opened close to where I stay.

Then taking 3 vegetarians along decided to visit the place finally. Called for a reservation, handled promptly, a text received etc. however upon reaching, the greeter had no clue, even after giving name, telephone number and kept asking us to wait, when the restaurant (pretty large) was empty (this is being increasingly noticed by me for a lot of restaurants). Finally we went in and were escorted to a table of our choice (Sir, we are empty, jaha chaho, baith jao)

The starters began to be laid out, with paneer dominating the table, but with corn, aloo coming in quick succession. Trying out the non vegetarian – Sheekh – really hard and tough, more like leather; the chicken tangdi was similar and had to be sent back. However the fish tikka and chicken tikka were very nice with just the right masala and went well with the drinks. The hot starters kept coming and we had gorged ourselves with them and needed to take a breather, so decided to walk around and look at the main course offering. It was not too exciting, but that was to be expected.

However, the vegetarian Pulao, kofta curry was worth a try, as was the chicken masala and biryani. AND then the desserts – Cheese cake was nice, vanilla ice cream with an option of raspberry was different, the gulab jamuns were yum, as was the sheers.

The chef Chand babu and Asst Manager Dilip were extremely helpful and wanting to replace the starters and go all out. All in all a worthwhile visit and definitely on a revisit list.

Location: New Link Road
Meal: Dinner
Food. 8/10
Service 8/10
Ambience 8/10
Damages: 3500 for 4 inc drinks