As a principle, I try and visit a place at least three times before writing a review, given the fact that everyone is humane and likely to suffer bad hair/time days.

I missed out reviewing this in spite of having actually visited it nearly 5 times in the past one year. This has in fact become our “Take NRI” restaurants. It solves the problem of shopping and food at one go.

In terms of personal and other preferences collated over the visits, here goes:

Maha Nachos are gujjuthentic whilst the cheese chilly toast is actually Garlic bread with cheese and chilly (read spicy). The onion rings and fries are good to munch on whilst trying out the watermelon & ginger juice.

From the chaat section, Dahi puri and sev puri are sterilized version but good with a bit of spicy chutney added. They have discontinued the very nicely made ‘Bombay burger’.

The grilled spicy chicken and cheese sandwich as well as the kheema pav have been consistently good, whilst fish and chips is fine in a pinch.

The chana bhature is a consistently must have though I prefer kulcha/paratha instead of the bhatura.

The sizzlers are fairly ok, though the rice needs to be crisper and the barbeque sauce more authentic – their veg delite and sizzling mexican are the most ordered.

One of the most simple things to make – cheese and cream spaghetti – and most restaurants manage to mess it up, is made very nice, not too creamy or cheesy but just right.

To top it all, sizzling brownie with chocolate sauce is a must have.

Location: Andheri West
Meal: Lunch
Food 8/10
Service 7/10
Ambiance 7/10
Damages: around 5600 for 8