This small cafe opened recently where Pizzaroma used to be earlier. Watched it for a couple of days, no traction, when suddenly last week saw it was full in the evening.

On the spur of the moment, decided to try it out with my daughter. The tables were full outside (small 4 of them) so went in, had a sofa and a small table with two chairs.

Enthusiastic staff, came rushing up, trying to hard sell the mains aka hot stuff, whilst my interest was more toward breads.

I ordered a roast chicken with chilli and lasagne, whilst my daughter ordered Veg patty sandwich (her version of how can anything go wrong in this) and Qua blue – peach.

Both the sandwiches came promptly – Veg patty was a let down, soft – not toasted properly, bland. The chicken was better in taste but soft – this has been a common experience at other places also, don’t toast and if you do ask – well done? The lasagne was nice and worth a repeat. The Qua blue was ok. One thing that my daughter raised, was why mushrooms in practically everything Veg?

The most interesting part for me was – they claim to open for breakfast at 8:30 but no egg or fresh food cooked there; however they have a wide range of breads that can be pre ordered and some which are readily available. There seems to be a decent range of salads and we intend to try this out soon.

They currently have an offer going – coffee + croissant/muffin if your bill is above 200/-

Overall, a definite place to revisit, but they would need to train the staff better – only enthusiasm does not work – A lady was served Twinnings tea with mil and sugar.

Aha! Yes on the way out, their one table was occupied by their senior staff who asked if I enjoyed – I had written comments and so repeated them. Lets see what happens!