A fortnight ago, I received a request asking if I would be willing to review a book – chick lit, specifically; something that I normally don’t do.

But reading too many fiction, management books in hard form and on kindle, thought it would be fun. Soon enough, the book – Untruly yours by Smita Shetty was delivered last weekend.

Cancelled meetings, laziness prompted me to pick it up and begin reading – a total of 146 pages. The story resonates with love marriage, couples growing apart, seeking love – the flavour of the 35-40 age group these days, who keep talking about space.

The book suffers from a too detailed start, muddle/drags around and an abrupt end, the characters sketched out – husband and kid detailed, parents and in laws fine, but then the colleagues, sister are glossed over with bits of information thrown in as an after thought.

The story is actual about India, Indian family but the writing looks as if it is for the foreign market, with some rituals, food, etc explained and leaves one puzzled. Also one fails to understand the need of Asian reference, when it is clearly Indian?

I managed to gloss over the book in an hour and was left feeling a bit disappointed. Either a more tighter editing, crisper well defined ending would have worked for me.