They opened last week and a friend had promised to take me there. Our schedules did not match till Monday and so off we went. I reached a little earlier than her, so sauntered in.

The first put off – A security guard loitering inside and outside (come on this is not a jewellery showroom) looked at me a bit weirdly, before I realised that this was their way of crowd control.

The second put off – Walked up to counter, the lad was instructing someone AND there was a board – Credit & Debit cards not being accepted today. And yes they were helpful, pointing out where the ATM on the 3rd floor was.

Anyway, it was half empty, looked more like the Costa coffee at Juhu, furniture new maybe. Went outside to take a look and came back.




As soon as the friend reached,we decided to order. She opted for an Americano & I inquired about a cold coffee. Our man said any of the hot coffee can be made cold, my prompt reply was Americano. Sheepishly he muttered why it would not be good. So I got him to repeat my order – Cold coffee, extra shot of espresso, crushed ice in a hot cup.

Besides this we ordered one Basil, tomato, cheese sandwich & a chicken tikka panini & asked it to be grilled/toasted; which we were told would be served warm.

The Americano and sandwiches came fine, the cold coffee was coffee, milk and ice cubes. On politely insisting to the young lady that this was not my order and could she please verify, she was apologetic and asked me for details and made it the way except, that she added sugar/used premixed/condensed milk.

The basil, tomato cheese was fresh and better than the ones I’ve had at Costa etc. The chicken tikka panini was sparse, though the bread was nice.

We spent a couple of hours there, saw mostly kids and a few office people sauntering in, mostly from a perspective of visiting Starbucks.

I have visited Starbucks in a lot of countries, mostly from a perspective of convenience (location) and in some places definitely experience. Here I felt completely let down.

I understand from others that the EDC machine had not been working for 3 days and the security is rude. Unless a necessity, to me the coffee shop is the same as any other in the mall. Not somewhere I would specifically go.

Location: Oberoi Mall, Goregaon
Meal: Afternoon
Food: 6/10
Damages:1000 for 2

Written by AD
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