On Sunday 4th November, coming home from breakfast, I committed a cardinal sin – ran an amber signal. In my defense, the left side had almost covered half the road in anticipation, I was at a decent speed, but never mind.

The constable ‘Subhash’ pulled me over and sternly said, Signal toda hai aap ne.
I accepted it. He said, Kya karna hai,
I said, Jo aap bolo, with the Missus egging me to give him some money.
I was a bit uncomfortable (not that I can claim to be a saint).
He kept on repeating, bolo…then suddenly said you have sun film on your car. Yes I had, but that was V kool 40%.
When he realized that I was not budging, he issued a challan, asking me to go and get my licence within 15 days from Andheri police station.

So, off I went on the following Tuesday at 11, found three constables sitting in the chowki

They said, Where is the car?
What do you want the car for?
It has been written to remove sun film and bring.
I asked under which section has that been written – This question, was thanks to twitter, where some lawyers were able to decipher sec 239 only and nothing else.
So I was shown “Kadha” means Remove Sun film and bring the car for inspection. I requested to meet the Police Inspector and understand the details. And then, the frustration of the constables manifested itself:
~ They called up ‘Subhash’ to find out, he said yes I remember, Saab was driving a Honda (a car that I drove last in 2005)
~ Then they said Supreme Court ka order, aap jao unke saath baat karo
~ Refused to give their names or badge number and in case they were not wearing it (in fact one of them was not wearing a uniform also)

I gave up and went back, took the vehicle the next day, parked it outside and asked them to verify. Nobody bothered getting up and coming out. Just looked up and said woh saamne wala gaadi, Upon my nod, said Rs. 200/- I paid up and walked away, without telling them that the car parked right across was not mine.

Going back home, I met ‘Subhash’ the constable and his boss who was very interested in the entire episode and asked him, Why he was not carrying the SC order and using the reference to explain. Immediately, the other couple of constables at Juhu circle were also called and informed about it.

Over the next couple of days, I made it a point to go past & found to my joy, cars being stopped, but shown the SC order. In fact, a very dear friend confirmed this too.

I don’t know if all of this was due to my haranguing them or somebody else. But I kept the commitment I had made here.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends