There has been a mushrooming of sites in the past year or so and I’ve always had itchy fingers wanting to evaluate some of them (not having enough money to evaluate all of them).

For some reason, in spite of having enough glasses to drink, I am always on the lookout to add to the collection, maybe give away old stuff (because they never seem to break) And so decided to try out Fabfurnish & Zansaar, whose email offers (never have subscribed to them) were hammering my inbox.

I decided to try a bit of face off between both of them. Hence, I ordered the same items from both of them.

Home Page: Both are pretty much the same, just like majority ecommerce sites, with offers, categories etc vying for space.

Registration & Log in: Both are smooth and ask the requisite information without too much of pushiness.

Product Range: Both have similar/same, right down to the same vendor, but there is a huge price variance. It was also surprising that Zansaar was out of the sasta products, just when you tried to book them, but I give them the benefit of doubt there.

Offers: Overall Fabfurnish was better on that particular day; again the benefit of doubt for Zansaar, but here very small one, because overall the prices did not excite me.

Communication: Immediately upon booking received a mail & text from Fabfurnish informing me that they would confirm date of shipping. Zansaar mail was received after couple of hours – too many orders, automation not working, my email a problem – don’t know. Within 24 hours Fabfurnish had dispatched 95% of the order with specific communication that the balance would take an additional 5-7 days (this was also written on the website)

Delivery: Fabfurnish delivered in 72 hours from the order being placed – extremely well packed. 24 hours after receipt of the order, Zansaar sent an Invoice communication with the standard safe details of delivery, post 48 hours the delivery happened, thus effectively 96 – 120 hrs after placing of the order, but extremely well packed & in perfect condition.

Overall, Fabfurnish managed to delight me on – Price, Communication, Speed and that is a differentiator. Zansaar needs to work on all 3, before I visit them again.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends