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Another interesting website, that was launched a couple of months ago. I had treated it as some element of competition, till the time I was working – respect, tempered with disdain, hoping that they were not able to ramp up. However, I knew that the element of focus would enable them to ramp up.

Visiting the website a month ago, liked the Bar shelf and promptly forgot about it, once I saw the credit card charges for other stuff I had bought.

On the 9th we were bringing in the birthday of a dear friend and had wines from Fine Wines and more stable. And everyone started criticizing me that I look after Single Malts and other liquor better than I do for wine. To add insult to the injury, my wife reminded me about the bar shelf.

So the next working day 12th November, I checked Urban Ladder and found that it was still available, ordered, keeping in mind the delivery commitment on the site.

Home Page: Nice clean, just the way I prefer, but yes they have the advantage of single category focus.

Registration/Login: Smooth, no pressure, good offer of card at door step.

Product Range: Good, enough and adding more regularly, keeps bringing the natives back.

Offers: Not exciting, even for pre booking, looks like the finance person has worked it out.

Communication:Very nice, as good as Flipkart. Got an email immediately. Somebody called an hour later, could not take the call, so received a text asking me a convenient time for delivery.

Actual Delivery: Delivered promptly on time, order to delivery less than 12 hours. Superb packing, with plastic rowl plugs & screw included. (Ok, as explained by @nandiniv that there was stock in Mumbai and hence the speed), whatever, it impressed the hell out of me.

There was quite a discussion around this with @nandinivi @yappings @Joylita @jarnagandhi @urbanladder with respect to :

The product breaking when somebody grazed it;looked lovely etc. I had responded that I would blog about this, so here goes.

Whilst the packing was perfect, immediately upon opening, I had misgivings about the rowl plug and screws provided – This probably from the fact that having had too many things dropping down, been involved into many furniture aspects professionally etc. Luckily, I stock enough wooden rowl plugs and various sizes of screws to fit the bill. The electrician who was doing some work helped out and up it went.

Bar Shelf

Indian walls are not consistent or made out of single brick or wood like they are internationally. Ideally the wooden or non skid black rowl plug work the best and screws thicker and longer than provided would work the best. It would also be good to provide a small leaflet, caution about the installation would be of use. And both these recommendations do not cost more.

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