I had been meaning to visit Dolce Vita and try out their menu, but somehow never found the time.

Today some meetings near worli and then catching up with colleagues, gave me the opportunity to do so.

Girish Mallya had been cribbing about the food served to him earlier in the day and hence decided to check that out to.

Reached around 3.30 pm and decided to try out a burger – chicken to be safer.


Quite a large one it turned out to be, a full meal by itself with the accompaniment.

Overall, pretty good, however the chicken Patty needed to be a bit more juicier, softer – probably ask the customer, how does he want it.

The place was pretty empty though they were busy with the diwali preparations. Service was nice, they in fact came up and told me the time it would take.

Price can be an issue, with so many options around, people may prefer other branded places.

Location: High Street Phoenix
Meal: Tea time
Damages: around 500 for 1

Written by AD
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