Last year I was gifted a Kindle for my birthday, by my sister & brother in law, given my love for reading fiction. This was around the beginning of December, when it was delivered straight by Amazon.

Sometime, in March the Kindle froze. After the bit of anxiety, sent an email to my sister, but given the time difference did not expect any answer. I also logged in to Amazon customer support, who managed to guide me thru the process & all was well with my world again.

Couple of weeks ago, the problem reoccurred. I tried everything possible, including the advice given by people on Twitter, but no go. Back, I went to Amazon on the 16th November. Chatted with Kartick who asked precisely 3 questions, before saying, “We shall replace the Kindle”; and started rattling of instructions about what would happen, how I was to return the old kindle etc. I was so shocked that I just thanked him and left the chat.

Whilst sharing this on twitter, somebody reminded me about shipping charges for the old kindle. Back I went to the chat and this time around Ebrahim took less than 5 minutes to reassure me that, it would be borne by Amazon.

In the next hour, I had an email from Amazon giving all the details, including how to print the label for return of the old frozen kindle. By the way this is 7 pm Friday evening India time.

To my delight, the new Kindle was delivered on 19th November Monday afternoon around 2 pm. After being told that I should expect delivery between 21st – 27th November.

Amazing & Awesome is the only way I can describe Amazon. Now only if they start shipping everything to India or better still launch Amazon India.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends