Ponkh – A word any Gujarati, south Gujarat in particular worth his salt will recognise and eagerly await the season (Nov – Feb) for it.

Ponkh is tender jowar, taken out early morning, thrashed in the bhatti (oven/furnace) in the pods and brought to the market. Once upon a time it used to be a place called Rander, near Surat where we used to be taken for an outing.

Things have changed now; people sell coloured jowar passing it off as Ponkh but purists like me have never touched and will never do so.

It has been a ritual in our family that every season, Ponkh with all accompaniments is imported specially from Surat at least twice during the season.

This time around, thanks to my generous brother in law it happened twice in a week. He had sent it last Thursday and was snapped up quickly.

Then N had to attend a wedding and so brought back some more Ponkh. A number of people on twitter has asked me what it was and hence this special post.

There are photographs also which shows how it is to be readied and eaten.

Written by AD
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