Disclaimer: A friend invited us for a Tasting menu, couple of weeks back, with express instructions that I could not review/blog about it (however, a different matter that Mumbai Mirror carried the details next day)

The Ambiance was nice, with the closed gate providing a small oasis of space, without AC where once could lounge around, good place for smokers. The interior with small lights – to provide a TexMex effect, we were told left a bit to be desired and looked tacky to me. The music was neither Tex nor Mex and too loud for my ears (but then I’m old).

The drink options were beer, whiskey & vodka, since the Margarita machines had not been installed. I tried vodka with pineapple juice – nice, but juice needs to be extremely chilled, with layer of vodka to really make an impact.

We began with Basa Frito – cilantro & lime marinated basa fillet, batter fried, served with mexican tarter sauce – nice, but too soft for my taste; Char grilled babycorn – grilled babycorn tossed in a hot creamy sauce – very nice, hot and just right as veg munchies.

This was followed up by Chicken Taquitos – braised chicken & fire roasted chillis rolled in flour tortillas and fried. Served with roasted jalapeno salsa – the idea was very good, taste too, however the chicken in some of the pieces tasted a bit off, reheated maybe?

Then there was Pizza – Chicken & corn pizza – Thin crust 10″ mexican pizza made with our signature dough topped with tangy tomato sauce, mozzarella, chicken, black olives and corn kernels. – completely avoidable, not enough chicken, could not locate olives and a soft thin crust pizza just does not work; however the veg pizza was amazing, easily amongst one of the best thin crust I’ve tasted in Bombay.

After a little breather, checked the kitchen – lovely and would feel like cooking, if I were to 😉 then came back to try out Burritos – Mexican rolls made with 12″ homemade flour or whole wheat tortilla filled with mexican rice, refried beans, pico de gallo, jalapeno, shredded lettuce & beef/chicken/veg barbacoa. Served with sour cream & salsa. Beef, Chicken, Veg – Again Beef and Veg ruled, whilst chicken was okish.

This was also accompanied by Chicken Enchiladas – Mexican favorites, home made corn tortilla rolled with braised chicken and topped with enchilada sauce & queso – passed muster & surprisingly the chicken tasted very nice. For the finale there was Pescado – Basa fillet rubbed with our signature spice blend and pan fried. Topped with creamy pepper sauce – Nice, but the excessive sauce softened the Basa quite quickly.



However, given the pocket friendly prices and the lure of Margarita, this place should get thronged. As for me, I’m definitely going back to try the fish once more and a Margarita jug 😉

Location: Versova
Meal: Evening
Damages: around 1500 for 2











Written by AD
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