chicken salli

A friend Surekha from Delhi, who has become a new trial partner, having visited couple of different restaurants whenever she was down, wanted to try Maharashtrian or Parsi cuisine.

So off we went to try out Jumjoji, accompanied by of all people – a vegetarian Netra & a Parsi Dina. My first sentence was ‘Dina, this may not be what you term as Bhonu, but remember this happens with me, when people rave about a Gujju Thali which has paneer offerings’

We settled down and quickly ordered – Mutton Kabab – very crisp, but lacked the mutton taste; chicken, cheese & onion sausage – which was nice, mildly flavoured but not something that I would repeat.

This was followed by Chicken Salli – very nice, definitely worth a repeat, Mutton Dhansakh – good, not upto home mark, but you eat where you get; however did not really like the dal & Veg Dhansakh was for just one person, so we helped clean of the rice with the left overs.

The ever green Laganu custard was ordered, but something I never eat, but the others liked it. Though quite stuffed, since it was a very early dinner & I had a snack at the newly renovated Candies next door, could not really do justice & felt sad that, could not try out Akuri, Pora & kheema per edu, for which another trip would be necessary.

Location: Bandra West
Meal: Evening
Food: 6.5/10
Service: 7/10
Damages: around 3500 for 4

Written by AD
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