I have written about 26/11 and have had opportunities of interacting with the celebrities – real & pseudo hence pardon me if I am cynical and wary about things. The new ranting place is twitter and Facebook where people share views, thoughts and then slink away like a mouse. Most celebrities – real ones use it to further their cause ‘themselves’ movies or be in the news; pseudo ones are happy with their two bits of fame via media or RT these days. The society dames are happy making puppy sad face; all of this is at least honest that you can rarely depend on them.

Whilst the real junta want to do a lot of things, will raise hands, agree to meet up, and then chair din ki Chandni phir andheri raat.

I had asked for support – most were ready with funds, time – rarely and then we want to change the country. But hey, the idea is armchair, twitter, Facebook activism or in the classic Bombaiyya style “Tu aage aage chal, mein picchu aata hoon”

It was then I share some thoughts with few people and then some more, who wanted to do ‘something’ and got vague responses, most of them not marking cc to the others for whatever reason. Te end result is we are back to square one.. Zero, zilch. There were some concrete thoughts shared by a couple of people, closer to my thoughts and hence decided to blog about those.

All this euphoria is fine, magar kuch karne se pehle socho….

What is the objective?

Everybody keeps saying social good, but isn’t that vague? Nobody has specific objectives – Consolidate call nos to One common number across India; Get people to participate in governance at the corporation level, local police station level; mobilise 10 lacs for women empowerment.

Who are your target audience?

Twitter, Facebook or everyone – based on this there would be a difference of communication, approach, consistency. The community would also be divided accordingly. Everyone cannot do everything.

When & Why do you want to do this? Who will own this initiative in an ongoing basis?

A stupid question given the fact that passions are running high; but my experiences have repeatedly proved that initiatives are begun with good intentions, when emotions run high are usually dropped when things are relatively calm. And it becomes unfair to mobilise people, get them to invest their time/resources.

How will you be different from the rest out there undertaking similar initiatives and What will be your measure of success?

This is useful to decide and arrive at a decision about whether you partner/piggy back with existing or begin your own. And measuring the success is a key factor to understand how you will rely on specific outcome based on all the efforts put in.

I’m sure I’ve not covered everything and there would be point that others think relevant, please send them to me and will keep adding.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends