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Delhi, Food lovers & La Tagliatella – I had blogged here.

There were 12 of us, FoodandPeace Meeta Sengupta TedhiLakeer Sahiba Vivek Dushyant Mahalingham Snehal Abhishek Rubal and a couple of non twitter/zomato food lovers too. The restaurant is nicely laid out on two floors. Whilst the lower floor is very nice, the nose decibel makes it difficult to have a good meal & at times sounds like a food court. But a lovely place to have a coffee, dessert after shopping on the way home.

We began with ‘Panne Della Tagliatella’ their wide selection of delicious focaccia breads with tomatoes, green olives & onion. I went for the one with olives, demolishing a couple of them before trying out tomatoes – good; onion – nice but not something I am particularly fond of but still partook along with the nice chilli oil. Thankfully they removed the baskets before I could gorge myself only on the hot olive bread.

We then tried Insalata Caesar Salad with chicken, mustard & anchovies vinaigrette. This was good and loved by others on the table, unfortunately, at the best of times I am not a lover of salads, hence just tasted – liked the chicken with the tinge of mustard there & yes would have preferred just that but then it would not be called a salad 🙂

This was followed by the handmade stuffed pastas – Cuore di zucca with Porro e Pinoli; Ravioli Verdi with Tremenda – loved both of them, though am not a great lover of pumpkin. The texture was a bit rough for me but loved the taste. The long pastas – Tagliatelle with carbonara & Pappardelle pepe nero with peperoncino e Gamberi were more to my liking and really enjoyed them. Surprisingly I liked the prawns and the vegetarian more compared to my normal preference of chicken.

After this, there was a serious need of taking a breather, which was helped with Limon Sorbet. And it was a good thing that we cleared the palate, because then came my most favourite italian dish – Pizzas – thin crust Tagliatella, Verdure Grigliate, Sei Stagioni for the sea food. This was bliss – it crust was thin & chewy with the right amount of cheese & toppings. Trying to taste all the options made one regret having eaten the pastas.

All of this was washed down by red wine from Fratelli, which was a great accompaniment to the italian food.

By then we were completely stuffed, but most of the food lovers perked up when Desserts were announced – Fondue di Cioccolate bianco nero – nice, not overly sweet; Cheese cake – this is served in a glass and was good, a fitting end to the evening. Tiramisu was unfortunately over and we were unable to taste.

The price seems a bit expensive, till the time one sees the portions which are pretty large and enough for at least two people. A couple of people had questions about accompaniments – sauce etc – but they are strict about it & do not allow the use of it.

It turned out to be a lovely evening given the fact that there was an eclectic mix of people – student to professor; lawyer to educationist; restauranteur to consultant to retailer; software engineer to photographer united with their common lover for food.

All in all a nice place with a good location for the mall visitors.

Disclaimer: This was an evening hosted by me inviting food lovers on my trip to Delhi and hence would be unable to grade.


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