I had been to Salt Water Cafe once earlier many moons ago, but then somehow it just fell off the radar, in spite of visiting Bandra regularly in the last couple of months.

Meeting a friend after couple of years and Manisha was meeting him after 20 years. She decided on the venue and we were fine with it. After braving the horrendous traffic from Lokhandwala to Bandra (It took me more time than Vashi to Lokhandwala, earlier in the day) finally reached there at 8 pm.

Just a couple of tables occupied including ours, given the fact that it was a wednesday, breathed a sigh of relief. Manisha recommended the Sangria and we ordered that. The friend walked in before the Sangria did. Raising a toast to old friends, the first sip seemed a little weird. Not being very knowledgeable about Sangria, decided to keep quiet and the fruit helped 😉

We ordered their bread basket – warm with a pat of white butter, went very well with the fruit punch oops Sangria; quickly demolished and ordered another bread basket with a cheese platter, by the time that was brought, we had finished the Sangria Jug & I decided to voice my concern about the quality of wine, which everybody did agree. Our server said he would check and get back to us – though he did not till the time we left at midnight.

We ordered a bottle of Merlot – 18c with Manisha explaining the logic, while we kept polite faces and I decided to try the original Margarita salted and frozen (having had enough fruit for the day) The Margarita was nice but the first sip & my question was – Where’s the Tequila? How much do you put? 60ml pat came the answer, I politely explained that there was no taste (however the fact is in a frozen one, you end up adding 5-10 ml extra) the server was prompt and said he would add some more, did it and all was right with the evening.

After an hour or so, whilst we were ready to eat, I went for a bit of gluttony by asking for another Margarita – and here lies the difference between an Ok, good & excellent restaurant – It was perfect the second time around, in fact better than the first.

Not too hungry, we ordered a tomato lemon grass broth – nice, vegetarian risotto – good & probably would want to try a non vegetarian, plancha seared basa – very good, it literally hummed & fell onto the fork begging to be eaten, the accompanied porcini potatoes in citrus butter gave it a unique flavour of its own and the mashed potatoes really rounded it off.

Too stuffed to try any dessert, but that also gives me a chance to visit them soon.

Location: Next to Mt Caramel church, Bandra
Meal: Dinner
Food: 8.5/10
Service: 9/10
Damages: Approx 8000 for 3 inc Pitcher of Sangria, Bottle of Merlot & Margaritas


Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends