Aoi – a japanese restaurant with a small seating of 25-30 covers near Mount Mary Bandra had been opened by Chef Mitesh and people had been talking about it for a while. Coincidentally, Zomato where I scribble some reviews invited some 15-20 of us – their leadership board of Bombay – to meet Rocky and Mayur and launch their book which had some of our reviews listed over lunch.

So, off I went and spent a lovely afternoon with the fine folks – Rocky, Mayur, Zomato team and some of the young people who love food with a passion. Except the soup which is really not something I like, I was actually surprised that I liked the food – particularly the Snapper. The menu was nice with

Aoi menu at Zomato foodie meet

Salmon Tartare with parikko, carrots, wasabi mayo and mirin vinaigrette  – Nice, but did not repeat

Snapper chips with Japanese hot mustard and guacamole – very nice, had multiple repeats of these 🙂
Grilled chicken thighs with green onions – Again, very nice with the chicken grilled just right and the green onions crunchy enough with it.
Chicago style batter fried maki with grilled squash, gherkins and sweet soy sauce – Tried a bit, nice.California rolls with smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber – Tried the smoked salmon after ages and it was just right with the cucumber & cream cheese providing the right accompaniment.
Grilled prawn sushi with wasabi mayo and guacamole  – This was very good, but could not repeat because somehow just do not like the taste of wasabi.
Grilled prawns with Japanese hot mustard and pickles – Liked this quite a bit, and the hot mustard was lovely here, giving it the desired bite.

Roasted baby chicken with white miso and honey glaze, with a side of cream cheese baked potato and garlic soy jus – Liked it and because ate a bit more, gave the rice and dessert a miss.

Based on this nice time, when a group of youngsters wanted to catch up over Japanese and suggested Aoi, I agreed more from the perspective that I had not met any of them and Gaurav pushed me into accompanying him.

So Anuja aka Misseatingout organised the entire thing with a preset menu at Rs. 1000/- per head.

So we had Gaurav Adarsh Bhavin Abhishek Sunny Harsh aka MumbaiFoodLovers Pawan Shirin Megha Shruti Shivani

Prach Richa Pratishtha Devika Joel Arina Yuvraj Gaurav Saha & of course Anuja herself. There were a couple of others too but they had accompanied as friends. All in all a pretty large group who assembled promptly, were shown the menu. Whilst, there were some things on the menu, that I liked, overall the earlier experience had completely spoiled me and I thought that Aoi could have done much better all around – the food, the service also was a bit slack and frankly for 1000/- bucks ordering straight from the menu would have worked equally well, in fact better. All the young food lovers mentioned above have already blogged the food in more detail and hence I have not taken the trouble to do so.



Disclaimer: Zomato was by Invitation & hence cannot grade

Location: Mount Mary Steps, Bandra
Meal: Dinner
Food: 6.5/10
Service: 7/10
Damages: 1000 for one without drinks



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