Surti Undhiyu

Hiralal Kashilal Bhajiwala – a small place in CP tank that envokes nostalgia of yesteryears, when once in a while we were taken on a drive, to pick up farsan and then visit Gateway of India or Hanging garden before being brought home, tummy full and sleepy.

Recently, an occasion required that we make a trip specially on a Sunday to CP Tank. During the intervening years, the place has become famous for “Surti original” Undhiyu.

It took me more than 20 minutes to locate the place, without Google Maps, given the fact that there were a lot of one way streets etc. We reached there and there was a long line already ready to buy their quota of Farsan and of course some Undhiyu.




We brought back two bags full of Farsan – though the quality seems to be very different now, in fact I know lot of places which has better quality, but guess if you have been eating the same stuff, you like it and so the institution continues.

The undhiyu was nice but more banana & assorted vegetables, that normally we do not use in our regular undhiyu. And it was swimming in oil. But all in all a good place for those who wish to partake of the SoBo Institution.

Written by AD
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