The acclaimed Starbucks opened their doors in India and I had visited their Goregaon outlet and blogged about it [here](

I had received tweets and comments that ‘you actually need to visit the one in town’, so one of those rare instances, I procured my visa and off I went to Jurassic Land aka South Mumbai, asking a friend to meet me there.

Immediately, after a couple of days had another opportunity to visit the same place. Besides, the severe service failure I encountered both times, I felt so let down by the coffee, that it can be actually rechristened as ‘Tata Coffee House’

Internationally, Starbucks coffee can actually be smelt outside the store; giving the weather and AC it’s due, at least the coffee blast should hit me when I enter. Alas, nothing resembling that happened. Yes, it smelt that I had entered a bakery that also sold coffee.

I tried two different coffees – hot Cappuccino – there seemed to be no ‘rich espresso’ in there, more milky then coffee and cold coffee – this was milk with a dash of coffee, something I used to give my daughter on Sundays when she was a kid.

I am not an expert, but the quality of the coffee – strength, smell, flavour – left a lot to be desired. Compared to this the food is far superior – the honey & oats cookie, warmed up a bit; panini – cheese, tomato and puff were all outstanding.





Overall, the coffee is better at Bru, DiBella, Costa, Marriott, Sofitel etc.

Location: Horniman Circle, Mumbai
Meal: Coffee & Snack
Food: 6/10
Service: 6/10
Damages: 500 for 2

Written by AD
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