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I was recently in Delhi and chanced upon a stay at the IBIS Gurgaon, given the fact that it was a new property, and I wanted to check my Accor advantage plus membership.

There was/is a hot deal for members which is nearly 40% off from the Tariff. It is a lovely property, much better than the Ginger chain, with just 12-15% higher tariff (for members). There is a lovely bar, a nice restaurant which has a limited menu, but does buffet for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

I stayed there for two days, with the first day being taken care by the company that had invited me. Upon checking in, there was a confusion with the young lady – Savita (as far as I remember) insisting that the company does not have an account & I would have to pay a deposit of 5000/-. When I realised that no amount of debate – company name, membership number etc – would work, I asked her to swipe the card NOT charge (in trade this is done by an offline method) she just swiped it and insisted that I sign the slip, which meant I was charged for it.

The second day when I was about to check out, I was asked to pay the difference (Rs. 1500/- for services I had utilized) which was fair enough. Upon being asked to credit or give the difference, since the company had cleared the bill; there was a blank look. The Trainee Manager on duty that Sunday had no clue, and asked me to produce my receipt, because the one which I had signed had already been processed by Accounts. Why? No idea sir. How can this be done, in spite of your assurance? Sorry Sir. Finally when I insisted, I was allowed to go, with a so called promise that the balance would be refunded in a couple of days. An email followed, but more than 15+ days later there is no answer/action.

This definitely leaves a bad taste, particularly for a member of the Accor advantage plus.

Update 9/4/2013 There have been 2 calls assuring of the issue being addressed, but the money has yet to be credited.

Update 16/4/2013 There have been multiple mails & calls from the hotel, all of which ask me to follow up with my Bank. Duh! Why? When the hotel is to blame for the service issue and this continued attitude. Escalation to the GM & Accor Advantage Head has yielded no results.

Final Update 7/5/2013 FINALLY, the refund reflects and all is good, but after more than two months. However to give credit to the hotel, they were in constant touch with to resolve the issue, more so since two different banks were involved and never did they avoid the problem.  This is a good example of customer service.




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