Internet Explorer – probably one of the most consistently damned but still used browser? I don’t know. I have not used it since probably the past decade.

A week ago, I underwent the trauma & was penalized by ICICI Lombard for payment of my Insurance premium for car. There were still 2 days for the premium to be paid & normally for the past 6 years I’ve never had a problem in online payment with ICICI.

I logged in and tried to make the payment, thrice at different times and it returned the error page every single time. I asked customer service on the live chat and got a wide array of answers –

  • Please close the browser and try after some time – Done
  • Please log out & retry – Done
  • Please shut down & restart and try – Done
  • Please use only Internet Explorer otherwise you can’t make a payment – WHY?
    • That is what Tech has said – Can I speak to someone? What is the logic?
    • No but you have to use IE
    • You can download IE, make the payment and then delete IE
  • Please write to customer service who will answer your queries – But aren’t you customer service; Yes but not for this.
  • Please allow us to arrange for a call back in the next hour – Ok, but it has to be urgent

I wrote 3 mails with snap shots. Waited impatiently for the call back. Then called the 1800 nos – was on hold for more than 10+ minutes & finally got disconnected.


The D day aka final day arrived, with no help or assistance from ICICI Lombard at all. In desperation I did what I normally hate to do – called in a favour – a senior person at ICICI Lombard, who was 1) clueless about Internet explorer 2) shocked that a) No call back b) I did not know about payment via phone & customer service did not tell me about it. The nett result – A call back in less than 5 minutes, no disconnection, payment made via credit card on the phone.

But more than 10 days, I still await an answer from the customer service of ICICI lombard “Why only Internet Explorer?”


Written by AD
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