Some months ago there was a tweet signifying displeasure on being addressed familiarly/first name by an agency youngster, by a senior & respected media personality, which I per chance happened to immediately agree and retweeted.

A lot of people ranted that this was ‘attitude’ ‘not keeping up with times’ ‘age’ etc; however we stuck to our guns and then it died down.

A week ago, I received a mail from one of the banks where I have an account – premium/platinum or whatever they call it these days –

“Dear Desai,

 This mail is to introduce myself as a Financial Advisor (Relationship Manager) appointed for your banking relationship with XXXXX Bank. I will be your one point contact for all your banking and investment needs basis your XXXX Bank relationship.

 Accordingly, as a first step in my customer familiarization process, I would like to meet you in person. Please let me know of a convenient time and place for the same. My coordinates are mentioned below.

 In my absence/ unavailability you can reach ABCD EFGH 022-00000000/ for any of your routine service issues/ requirements.

 In case of escalations you can contact WXYZ ABCD, Branch Manager, AAAA Branch at 9900000000/  

 Looking forward for a positive response.

 Thanks & Regards,


Financial Advisor | +91 9600000000 |

Xxxxxxxxxxx | Ground Floor, aabbcc Bldg, 2/12, Horneman Circle, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Fort, Mumbai 400001″ (SIC)

Call me old fashioned fossil or what may you, BUT

  • I don’t even know this person
  • He has the audacity to address me by my last name?
  • The matter of the mail makes absolutely no sense
    • He wants to meet me
    • Without waiting for an answer,  he has already handed over the baton to two others including an escalation point – expecting it to escalate
  • Since when did ‘Financial Advisors’ become ‘Relationship Managers’
  • The spelling of a location sent from an official id does nothing for the brand

AND to top it all, he wants to be my Financial advisor aka Relationship manager, who may or may not be available when I’m free.

It is actually disheartening to see that the push for growth is probably leading to this deterioration. I would not interact with them at all. Would you?


Written by AD
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