I had read about this place and the patron card offer which they had, but going to Town to “avail” of the offer seemed to be really too much, and even after they opened Powai was a big drive 🙂

However, one wednesday evening on my way back from Vidya Vihar – yes that is in Mumbai too – landed up with a couple of friends.

It is on the 1st floor (actually 2nd floor, given the height & climb) of Galleria in Powai, with the first floor looking like Mount Mary Steps during the fest. A nice clean wide open space, where earlier a dozen places have opened and shut. They have a bar on one far side, with some sofas spread and an alcove with round table and 5-6 chairs. Not too much of a crowd but I remember recommending them the previous weekend to someone who found no place to stand at 9.30 pm on friday.

The service is quite quick, no cheating on the drinks. We were offered a Patron Card and I got suckered into it by the promise that it would be delivered to me in 5 days, and am still waiting two weeks later. But the discount was definitely worth it.

They have just a couple of starters each in veg & non veg – we ordered Shammi kabab – very good; paneer – as good or bad as any other place – apparently there is no kitchen and they bring it from an annexe, so likely to take a bit of time.

The loo/washroom is a bit of a downer – with you having to actually travel till IIT via traffic (it is another restaurant with a couple of steps & dim lighting) that may pose a problem after you’re a couple down.

But, a nice place to chill out early in the evening on a working day or before dinner.

They claim to be coming to open in Versova and couple of other places also. And so await my card which also has 1000/- loaded 😉

Location: Powai
Meal: Drinks & Snacks
Food: 7.5/10
Service: 9/10
Damages: Approx 3500 for 4

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends