On Tuesday April 2, 2013 the newspaper contained an article of ‘How a young lad was caught by a constable for behaving inappropriately on Carter road last year, taken to the police station, fined. AND how the lad decided to protest and finally win’

The week had not begun very well and I was in a lousy mood, when I read this & immediately tweeted about wanting to meet him and buy him coffee. To my delight there was an immediate response, by Shubhashish who knew the lad Kuber Swarup and a meeting was set up.

I met both of them and spent nearly an hour, conversing about the episode, as well as a lot of other things. It was refreshing to see a young 25-26 year old so grounded and firm in his belief to take this episode in the right spirit and want to make an impact which would benefit all of us.

Much, much respect for him and his family, who supported and continue to support him.

Thank you Shubhashish for helping me out, and Kuber Swarup for making time. The honour is all mine.

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Written by AD
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