I had asked to meet people here and over the past couple of months have met lot of people.

Overall, the feeling was good, buoyant even amongst the young generation, who had turned “entrepreneurs”. Most of them could be broadly classify as:

1) Tech – yes IIT & non IIT, mostly freshers or maybe a couple of years of experience.
2) Non Tech – yes IIM and non IIM with couple of years of experience.
3) Plain graduates with solid work experience.

And amongst all of this what was surprising is more than 70% of them did not have a plan. Oh! yes there was a plan, to revolutionise, change the world, software, need for freedom BUT no ‘Plan’ as we old school believe – 1-5 years of Professional/Personal goal, impact of entrepreneurship and so on.

The easiest was I gathered was to turn entrepreneur because it was the in thing; in vogue; or peer pressure; or not wanting to work in an ‘corporate environment’ or there was money to be made.

Less than 5% had any plans of wealth creation, employment on their agenda.

A substantial chunk were staying with their parents, using their infrastructure, not worried about the basics and more in their quest to turn ‘Entrepreneur’; whilst there were others who were drawing 50% higher than in their job, so decided to turn entrepreneurs.

To me, this was a way of rebelling/trying out with the safety net right now or the degree taking you back to work at the back of your mind. AND that is “Self Employment” not “Entrepreneurship”

I would love to hear view points from all “Entrepreneurs” out there.


Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends