I had begun a personal campaign for giveaway, in December and had managed to give away substantial collection – stationery, electronics, accessories, utensils – across categories of people.

To continue the same that helped me declutter my drawers, life and win brownie points at home, I have decided to continue giving away things that I have not used for more than 6 months & possibly don’t even remember I have it.

Here are some to begin with:

mini planner

Mini Planner – Claimed by @surekhapillai

mini planner open

Mini Planner – Inside – claimed by @surekhapillai

card file

Card Files – 8 nos – Claimed by @surekhapillai

iPad case

iPad case – claimed by @delishdirection

note books

Blank Notebooks – Krsna Mehta design – Claimed by @priyeshms

scribble book

Scribble Book – Hand made paper – claimed by @surekhapillai

Document folder – claimed by @surekhapillain

India circus book

India Circus Idea Book – claimed by @surekhapillai

**Disclaimer** Some of the items may have been sparingly used.

**Rules** The rules are simple. Claim the product on Twitter with the hashtag #ADdeclutter Confirm to me. Get it collected, or collect it yourself. This can be from any place I’m travelling during the week or at coffee shop. This offer is for Bombay only. If you do not claim it the day you said, I reserve the discretion to give it away to somebody else.

Written by AD
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