I have earlier read and done by two bit review here

Having received the last & final book from Flipkart with the blurb “From the bestselling author of Dork and God Save the Dork it actually gathered dust for the past couple of months.

The need to Declutter, which you can read here led me to clean up and find a couple of novels in their nice shiny plastic cover.

I picked this up and began reading – nice, fluff till I reached around 75-80 pages and suddenly Deja vu set in. The language, comments, matter, context started appearing familiar & the thought of having read a lot of it came around.

At around page 108, I realised that a lot of text was actually things which our man Sidin had been tweeting, interacting using similar phrases and the fun was over.

Overall, the first two books were much better compared to this book. I somehow ended up with feeling that the author had a publisher’s commitment to fulfil, and did a slapstick job.

I know for a fact that Sidin has never claimed his books are master pieces but I feel, he could have done much better. But then, hey how does it matter as long as the price is sub 200/- you are on the best seller list & 63% of India’s audience is your target.


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