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Buying and Merchandising – once seemed to be the core of the business seems to be losing ground to new fangled software which analyses pattern, stores etc and gives a report which the ‘Buyers’ supposedly act upon.

As retail, ecommerce grows the dependence on automation, analytics shall too, however I still fail to understand why the three basic questions which are a must do not get addressed/answered.

1) What will be enhanced? If a ‘new’ ‘improved’ product is put on the shelf, what is being enhanced? the packaging? % of salt? color?

2) What will be diminished? Will the grammage lessen? Will the effectiveness lessen?

3) What will be replaced? This is also a crucial question, because as a consumer, you keep getting confused when you see everything – on the same product.

So, what exactly is this? Marketing attempt to confuse users/consumers. R&D/Production effort to get information? or just stick to the old adage “If you can’t convince them, confuse them”

What is your take on this?


Written by AD
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