Disclaimer: I may be prejudiced reviewing this, because the author is practically our God child.

I first heard about this unnamed book some 4 years ago at a breakfast place where Aparna Ruchi Shakti B50 amongst others were there.

The excitement petered out after a while and Shakti claimed writer’s block. AND Love got unblocked, but that is another story. The imperfect love became semi perfect & I suddenly got an excited call asking me to be there for the book launch at Crossword Juhu.

Off we trooped there and shared the excitement, bought a book and got it signed, also promised her that whilst my daughter would read it, I would wait till the Imperfect love became nearly perfect.

It happened this February, when she was married. And I remembered my promise.

The book makes no pretence of being anything other than a chiclit, normally not something I read cover to cover.

The story is based in Mumbai, taking the backdrop of the Millennial story – Malls, shopping, retail, reality shows, caste creed no bar. It begins well, with the characters well defined, some of them very real – can almost identify the names – the tempo begins on the reality mode and takes you thru the back of TV programming, whilst playing with how perception and reality merge thanks to our need to believe.

It is towards the end, I felt the story faltering a bit, could have been a bit tighter. End more dramatic. An epilogue so to say.

But all in all a good first effort. I would look forward to her 2nd book, which should not be the chiclit genre.


Written by AD
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