I had reviewed an earlier book here and had liked his earlier books. Surprisingly, Ravi Subramanian was on twitter, maybe to market his book – not a bad thing, I say – and actually responded saying, he would be glad to send me a signed copy, however I promised him that I would buy his book & after finishing, review and send all four for his signature 🙂

The Bankster is actually a continuation, sequel if you prefer to the earlier book, with 3 characters being present in both the books.

The book begins James Bond style, giving it a different dimension, before settling down to the background of foreign banks, their operations – something which Ravi has first hand experience with, gives away enough so that people who know, nod their heads, whilst those who don’t are excited about how banks operate.

The borderline manner which sales operate in the banking business, the CYA method for KYC is deliciously real and as someone who had the opportunity to be associated with the industry, had me nodding and agreeing at every point of time.

For those who did not read the earlier book/s it may be a nice buildup for the suspense of the ‘person of interest’ but whilst I made it out, it no way diminished the end for me.

I managed to finish it over two days straight AND yes better than the earlier book that I had reviewed.

I like the way the author sticks to his core knowledge, but manages to create an excitement with finely etched characters & episodes.

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