An old post that for some reason had got stuck in Drafts, but some of it would still be relevant

The single largest advantage is that more than half of India’s population is under the age of 28. But the disadvantage is that more than 70% of the marketers trying to talk to them are above the age of 35. The mis match becomes really acute at times and in some industries more than others.

There are some thoughts that may be relevant, or at least I have found useful:

1) Modding – modifying yourself. This means being able to express, uniquely & creating an interaction.

2) Communities – In this digital era, age is irrelevant. What actually matters is who is hanging out with whom? Why? What are the common interests? And How can they be tapped?

3) Authenticity or Double Identity – It is a given fact that most people today operate under a professional & personal identity. It becomes a difficult task to authenticate this and the funnel theory gets taxed more.

4) Too much information – There is just too much information & thanks to google etc everyone is an expert on everything. But that is also a turn off. Good content rules & will continue to rule.

5) Music cycles – This is a key ingredient in Indian marketing, besides cricket of course. As the music genre changes, you find that there is a clear generational shift, and a generation that also straddles 2-3 music cycles. How you address, talk, interact is quite relevant.

6) Stars – The digital world has changed who the Stars are. The celebrities are not the real stars, they have been shifted and Influencers have taken over. This is more real, when an endorsed product is not used by a celebrity BUT an influencer will do so & get the community singing about it too.

7) Mobilization – Laptops, Tablets, Phablets, Smart phones – all of this has led to the evolution of everything should be available ‘On demand’ ‘On the move’ It is no longer enough to have a website and hope for business/communication

Do you agree? Disagree? Can you add more thoughts? I would love to hear from you.

Update 3rd May 2013 point suggested by Karthik Perumal makes sense – @anaggh One additional point maybe – Social goodwill. People want to be seen as doing nice things – causes, helping, being nice etc.

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