A chance Tweet some days back with [AmreekanDesi] about a completely non related matter and he volunteered to share an advanced copy of his soon to be released book.

It had slipped my mind, however within the next couple of days the book promptly arrived from the publishers.

The kindle on charge, meeting in far away Powai, off I ventured carrying the newly received book. Settled down in the now everywhere ‘Starbucks’ began to read.

Bam! it began with exactly the punch which every Indian from the age of 21+ particularly the tier 2 & 3 towns will identify – the push to become an engineer, the neighbour’s comparison, environment, the need to be secretive, with a lot of episodes bringing a smile, smirk, guffaw – caste, creed no bar, because we have all seen, endured it.

The momentum picks up and the ‘Desi’ slowly trying to be Amreekan has its own set of problems, we’ve all had friends like Jassi who post college turn out to be great model students AND of course the ‘patriotism’ burning bright when you are still studying, before the $$$ reality strikes and you decide to stay behind just those couple of years, take experience, then come back…….but suddenly 20+ years have passed by & the children will not adjust – actually No, you are afraid to come back.

A lot of it is funny, with some anecdotes that bring a lump to your throat, but that is Life. I had reservations about the ‘Kolkata’ visit episode being a little dramatic, but then, literary licence rules, as well as an incident during our far off college days reminded me of similar happenstance.

The end, whilst predictable, has one of my favourite anecdotes (true story) of Goyal uncle & his son Priyank 🙂

All in all an enjoyable book – for those who have been thru the travails and for those who plan to. Go Read!

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends