Assumptions : Lokhandwala/Oshiwara/Four Bungalows area; Organised means chain or multiple restaurants, whilst unorganised means standalone

I have been living in this area for a long time and have been ordering food for as long. Earlier there were just stand alone restaurants, then the organised chains moved in. Some delivered, whilst some did not, at first before realising that this market is nearly 65-70% delivery market and so they began.

Some points of comparison:

1) Manpower – Quite crucial, OE (organised eateries) hire better quality compared to UOE (unorganised eateries)

2) Conveyance – Actually does not make too much of a difference given the fact that we are referring to 3-5 kms radius on the outside; however OE have bike deliveries mostly whereas UOE rely of cycle.

3) Technology – OE rely on connectivity, system, mobiles, technology whereas UOE have landline & maybe at best an electric POS (point of sale)

4) Food – OE have a central kitchen, automated back end etc, whilst UOE are mostly buy and use same day/next day.

5) Marketing – OE have a corporate plan, catchment plan, xyz offers etc; UOE may give away a leaflet once in a while and new menu when prices are raised.

6) Feedback – OE would have an automated mechanism to capture feedback across categories/platforms and what have you whereas UOE may not even accept feedback.

Given all of this one would expect OE to rule the market or at least corner the market. But, apparently not so. I have been constantly surprised on all of these points, mostly in favour of UOE.

1) UOE has manpower which is constant and looks pretty entrenched and loyal too, giving them an edge on continuity.

2) Conveyance & Delivery does not make a difference on how you do so, as long as the food reaches mostly in 30-45 minutes consistently with no excuses. And there is no need to verify addresses etc.

3) Technology – After confirming the address thrice (most have a language problem) with an OE, which use technology & have been around for more than 7-8 years mess up deliveries/food order multiple times.

4) Sorry, that item is not available today, has got over is a common problem with an OE, whereas UOE manages to consistently deliver perfectly albeit within the specified hours of availability of the said product.

5) Marketing has helped OE expand the market, introduce new productss, offerings create a different TG etc

6) Feedback – UOE accept via the delivery boy or straight on the phone, with no guarantees that they would look into it or act upon it compared to OE who will accept, promise to act and forget about it till as such time it is repeated.

Having encountered all this, the fact of the matter still remains that OE are here to stay and try to claim a larger wallet share without actually worrying about consumer needs. What have you faced and what do you say?

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends