It was a couple of days ago when I had read that some 20000 old taxis and rickshaws were going off the road, and had tweeted about it, saying this would be good for Mumbai.

There were immediate and sharp reactions to this – How will people survive? How will people commute? It is good for people like you who have their own cars. etc.

This set me thinking and ended up with some really random thoughts –

1) I have a car and a driver. Yes. Have worked for it & continue to work for it. This does not mean I have never travelled by Rickshaw/Taxis. Have done, am doing, will continue doing.

2) How many people actually use Taxis/Autos regularly – crib about the conditions, attitude etc. Ever wondered why?

3) Do people not survive without these, then you need to get off twitter and see the actual world.

Some basic assumptions –

1) Do we have enough Autos/Taxis? If yes, then why do they keep standing and refuse to ply short distances? Why do they believe they have the right to decide?

2) Is anyone even aware how many official taxis/auto permits have been issued, how many ply – has there ever been a co relation been done?

3) The same thing also applies to driving licences for those who drive these vehicles.

4) More than 50% of these drivers do not have a licence, what they carry is a parchi from being caught by a traffic constable – that does not have any photograph and a name scribbled.

5) Most all drivers in the night shift are ‘Learners’ who pay a rental on the old rickshaws – try asking one of them to take you to the AI terminal or International airport – refusal because either they do not have a parchi, or are scared to take the rickshaw on the hill 🙂

This city has more than enough taxis/autos provided –

1) They do not refuse fares.

2) They are reconciled/realigned with the permits/badges and forced to be effective thereby leading to efficiency & productivity.

3) But then this would hamper the entire machinery – Owners, authorities, brokers, who as usual would blackmail the consumers ie us who belong to the #DCAF community and Win.

Given this scenario, How worse can it get if these vehicles are removed? Logically, this should ensure –

1) Space on the roads

2) Parking

3) Enough business for the remaining vehicles

4) More productivity running at least 2 shifts thereby more efficiency leading to more income

5) Refusing to ply coming to an end

Trying this out for 12 months will actually show if there is merit in this or to keep being blackmailed.

What are your thoughts?

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends