Dear Team Faasos,

I had written about Faasos on my blog and had reviewed it twice over here besides the number of times on twitter.

In spite of assurances, the consistent service delivery problems had ensured that I was no longer a customer of theirs, also the fact that, more options had opened up close by and served good rolls.

Much water under the bridge and all that – you grew from a couple of stores to some 35++ in Mumbai, got funded etc etc. Scaling up was the name of the game, large advertisements, offers, using social media influencers et all.

May 1, 2013 – I had been receiving some leaflets, which is par for the course given the fact that I order 7+ newspapers and stay in a locality that thrives on Home Delivery. That day saw some 12-14 leaflets exhorting everyone to try the rolls. Coincidentally in the past week, some customers of yours, had ordered whilst I was with them and had sad things to say. So, an early morning tweet led to some heavy discussions on twitter. You can read all of it here

It was nice of your founder Jaydeep Barman also shared a few tweets, acknowledging their learnings.

The objective here was not to thrash a brand, which could have been done differently, but the frustration manifesting itself with regards to a brand that was so highly thought of. There will still be many takers of the brand and many haters as is the case everywhere, but what is consistently painful that with funding received for scaling up, why is the main objective of –

1) Consistent quality to be maintained and in fact improved
2) Consistent quantity of products availability at some locations an issue
3) Given the fact that Technology is so cheap these days, why is there a service issue
– Delivery addresses
– Order taking and messing up
– revert and retain issues

Yes, yes, people will tell me that there is always a % of all the above which is factored in business. BUT the business that manages to consistently reduce those % is the one which becomes a Brand.

I am sure that they would have their own agenda & priorities to address all of this, so wish them the best of luck.


An ex customer.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends