It is nearly two years since we bought a Kent water purifier, when we overhauled the kitchen completely. I was in favour of Eureka Forbes, more from the perspective that, there were known people and I would be assured of service delivery & mechanism of the highest order. But, alas was over ruled.

To be fair, no problems for the first year and no service also, but that is true of all Appliance sellers irrespective of brand – collect money for AMC but will only come if you call them,

The problem began in December 2012, the tap having broken, called Kent, who were prompt in answering but nobody turned up till a couple of calls. Complained to Kent on their website, their Service head Rao, responded. Then a person ‘Rinku’ came from their service partner ‘Swami Enterprises’ changed the tap, charged for the AMC & said The candles are still good but, I suggest you change them so they can last longer etc. (similar to your taking a car for service and they trying to upsell) I agreed to do so, he completed the job and left with the candles. The charges were 950/- for AMC and 875/- for Tap and candles for which an ‘Advance Receipt Cash’ no 322 was given with the promise that the invoice comes from Kent in a weeks time. Having always paid other brands by cheque, I was a bit puzzled but ‘Policy’ ensured I was mum.

Fast forward to April 1, 2013 – Walking out of the house, I see Rinku back saying AMC check. Impressive given my experience with them and others, so I just mentioned “Your receipt & invoice has not come, but you have”. Reaching home in the evening, I was informed by my mother that the boy said “Candle are very bad and need to be immediately replaced or filter will not work” so was done & charged Rs. 800/- Luckily she had insisted on retaining the old candles. So, began the story.

I initiated the followup with Rinku/Swami Enterprises –

1) How can the earlier candles last 15 months and the new ones just 3.5 months?
2) Where is the invoice/receipts.

Rinku was always out, but finally after some days Dubey the owner came into the picture and his stance was to avoid the issue, blame me & finally hand over the complaint to one Gowalia who is the RM of Bombay. This gentleman in turn promised immediate action and disappeared. After more followup, the same Rinku was sent to collect ‘Proof’ and given the copy of 3 receipts. No response.

When called up after a couple of days, they denied that he was given the 3 receipts by my mother and as usual the customer was wrong. Apparently Gowalia doing me a favour would send Dubey himself for another copy. Done, collected, confirmed, Dubey said he would hold a meeting with the concerned boys on monday since they do not come to office everyday – duh! how do they service? where do they collect parts? where do they give the money? – Anyway, waited till wednesday, I was informed that he was sick for two days, but on speaking to Gowalia, he was informed ‘Everything is fine, let the customer do what he wants’ During all this period, my constant request was just to get Rinku along with you and let me understand the logic.

This now became a principle issue, given the fact the amount was small, so followed up Dubey & Gowalia – don’t pick up phones, sent messages and are always out when called on landline. Rao – 3 mails no response. Kent website – 3 complaints, no response. Social Media – Digital manager was to sort out in 2 days, been more than a week, no response.

Finally, sent an email to their Director – not acknowledged, no response. In the meantime, had tweeted about this with no response from them, another person interacted and said would help out. Somebody from Bangalore Kent called and that’s it.

I have copies of office copy receipts, emails, screen shots and telephone nos, but have currently decided not to post those

Final Update 28th May After all the above, Mr. Gupte from their Bombay office attended the call, came over with Mr. Dubey AND as a special case refunded the money. Also took back the candles for verification and would get back with their investigation. This happened nearly 2 weeks ago.

Written by AD
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