I tweeted ‘We are a nation of Hypocrites’ and received immediate responses some in favour, some against and also telling me speak for your self 🙂

I am a hypocrite, when it suits me; just like everyone else. This is not to say that other countries, citizens are not, they are, the degree matters a lot.

We claim to be the largest democracy and yes we have freedom – supposedly. The laws, rules favour those in power or with money. As a country we still believe in caste, creed, race.

We don’t like upstarts, young making money without having paid their ‘Dues’ except if they’re your family.

Most people take/give bribes, watch porn, are jealous of Chetan Bhagat and his ilk but will pretend that all of this is not what we are comfortable with, but given a chance most will jump.

Everybody drinks in Gujarat, but ‘Gandhism’ rules. It is ok to use Gandhi’s name to make money, but not worry about the people, city, state country progressing. It is blasphemy that a liquor baron buys Gandhi’s stuff but we will not do anything for it.

We profess equality and don’t believe in caste, creed but practice it at home, office, everywhere. No. How about maid, driver, watchman, kachrawala…. And pass it off as – they’re like that only.

Betting in Cricket has been from time immemorial, but do we want to legalise – No against our culture, but allow it to happen behind doors….

IPL made money and so did Lalit, against it, remove get somebody else, he makes money and shares, great. At the end what is bleddy IPL – private teams, playing private games which has helped countless people, provided entertainment for others, so why not allow people to bet officially and tax it…

We have laws that are never implemented, but we want newer laws – more money to be made; more advisors to be appointed.

Demanding Responsibility, Accountability from the government and authorities is our birth right, time for voting is urgent work, holiday. Replace one party with another who has not made money, things shall continue.

One party will support taxes this time around, whilst when in opposition they had opposed…..

Twitter has its own set of rules, which says, we can do this, but you can’t, media has to behave in this manner, but we can joke and say whatever..

This rant can go on and on and on…..but you get the idea.

It is time we remember “धोती के नीचे सा नंगे है”

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends