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Wraps and Rolls – I love them and will try them out at most places. Over the last couple of years, there has been a proliferation of them opening where I stay. Whilst we have ordered at random in the past, I thought of doing a face off across all of them during the past month and half. This was all home delivery.

For purpose of fairness, which is maximum order given in the past etc, shortlisted Bhima Hangla’s Arsalan Kolkata Konnections and Faasos and ordered the same from all of them, thrice to remove the benefit of doubt or service issues.

The Rolls tried out were Aloo/Veg/Paneer/Egg/Chicken

Aloo Roll without onions
Bhima has a decent aloo roll, but has a strong mustard taste which was something my daughter did not like.
Hangla’s has a good aloo roll, with nice tangy masala, tastes pretty good and is ordered regularly.
Arsalan The first time this was ordered, surprisingly turned out to be very good, para boiled potatoes mashed with masala, bit of mustard oil sauté chillies and rolled up.
Kolkata Konnections Pretty good too, however all three times, they managed to mess it up by mixing onions which was a big No No
Faasos Wrap very good, and the aloo+egg even better, BUT gets over very quickly and does not reach hot enough.

The winner here is Faasos & Arsalan

Veg Roll
Bhima again decent, not something to write about and would not miss if not around.
Hangla’s has a good veg roll, but consistency seems to be an issue.
Arsalan has a decent veg – mish mash of vegetables stuffed in and worth a try.
Kolkata Konnections Very nice, definitely worth a repeat and surprisingly, did not put onions, as instructed.
Faasos They have a larger range, some ok, some very good with BBQ veg being good.

The winner is Kolkata Konnections & Faasos

Paneer Roll
Bhima has only cheese roll and not paneer
Hangla’s was very good, surprisingly or maybe the fresh paneer is bought from the store next to them 🙂
Arsalan pretty good, though they seem to always be worried about saying yes to Paneer
Kolkata Konnections The most expensive of the lot and not really worth it for that price.
Faasos Extremely nice, though my daughter used to prefer the paneer tikka earlier.

The winner is Hangla’s and Faasos

Egg Roll – without onions/tava fry onions
Bhima Superbly stuffed, no repeat required, the onions just fried so, different sauces – that shall remain unnamed, could make you color blind but transported you straight to Park Circus in Kolkata
Hangla’s Single egg roll seems stingy, but the double Anda is fine, but find it a bit dry at times, given the fact that they just use vinegar, chillies and onions. Onion tava fry has always been a problem with them when home delivery.
Arsalan Very good flaky paranthas, egg spread evenly, spicy as you would like it. BUT there is onion or no onions 🙂
Kolkatta Konnections Very good egg roll, but is beaten by its own creation the Moghalai egg parantha which is far better.
Faasos Nice wrap/roll but being a QSR there is no question of fry/sauté onions.

The winner here is Arsalan and Kolkata Konnections

Chicken Roll
Bhima Superbly & supremely stuffed full of chicken oozing out of the roll, one of the best I’ve eaten.
Hangla’sVery good, enough chicken pieces in the roll to make it worthwhile.
Arsalan Very good flaky parantha stuffed with chicken.
Kolkata Konnection Pretty good stuffing, though found it a bit bland, lacking masala once.
Faasos Pretty decent, but they reach cold, so don’t really prefer to order.

The winner is Bhima, Hangla’s, Arsalan

Order Taking
This is basically how quick are they, do they manage to take it down perfectly everytime,no messing up etc.
Bhima 9/10 Hangla’s 7/10 Arsalan 7/10 Kolkata Konnections 8/10 Faasos 7/10

This is basically how quickly they deliver, change the order if delivery is wrong etc.
Service/Delivery Bhima 8/10 Hangla’s 7/10 Arsalan 8/10 Kolkata Konnections 6/10 Faasos 7/10
Timing Bhima 20m Hangla’s 30-45m Arsalan 20-30m Kolkata Konnections 50-75m Faasos 30-45m

This is the cost of 4 rolls – Aloo, Veg, Paneer, Egg & Chicken

Bhima Rs 225 Hangla’s Rs 290 Arsalan Rs 230 Kolkata Konnection Rs 320 Faasos Rs 315

Take your pick, check them out and share your views also.

Written by AD
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