Smart Phones Dumb People Quite a catchy title isn’t it?

A month back, somebody on Twitter asked me whether I still reviewed books and could they send one for review. Title interesting, so went for it, more from a perspective that, hopefully as one of the Dumb people using smart phones, this would teach me, help me become smarter.

Received the book, didn’t get a chance to open it for a week or so. Finally, began reading.

The back of the book was a bit deflating, but thought the book would be different. Read the first chapter ‘Innovation’ Interesting, but then it went all downhill for me. Probably, my expectation were different.

The book takes a “Holistic” view of – Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Priorities, Corruption devoting a chapter to each of them; talking about what is and can be/should be done.

Personally, I found it very vague and glossed over. We know all this, we are dumb, right; so how does a Smart phone make us smarter, how can it be used to remove the pain areas, help simplify life etc. In the entrepreneurship segment, expected some examples of what smart phones have achieved and can achieve.

The need of the hour is ‘How’ and I did not see it anywhere in the book. The book may be of use to the newly minted undergrads or similar as a ready reckoner of points but that’s it.

As I said earlier, my expectations based on the Title were different, but isn’t that what dumb people expect?

Written by AD
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