I had written about them here and how they responded.

A frequent visitor to Bru world cafe, since they opened with one cafe and ramped it up quickly to eight – with nearly 4 very convenient to me 😉 my loyalties for drinking Filter coffee and meeting people has been decidedly with them.

I received a request from them asking for my postal address, which as a normal case would have resulted in my asking a dozen questions, but given the fact that a known person was asking for it, was given and forgotten.

Lo and behold, a personal courier came over yesterday and delivered a hamper.

Is it an expensive hamper? No. It contains just a couple of small things showing appreciation. I am blown away, because – I did not ask, win, tom tom about – all the regular stuff brands ask or demand for these days. It is a no expectation gift to a regular customer AND that is what Brands need to learn and practice.

Well, as for Bru, they still have my patronage, without a doubt.

Written by AD
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