Choice Snack Bar aka Choice Snacks an old haunt, when Pizza was something, not more than 3-4 people understood and sold in Ahmedabad.

I have introduced my wife and then daughter to this place over the years and it had become a kind of pilgrimage in itself, If we are visiting Ahmedabad, then try a have a snack there. So, visiting after a couple of years, toh Choice banta hai boss.

We trooped in on a Sunday afternoon after a visit to Crossword, found it locked down and then realised they were renovating and had moved to a temporary location ahead in the lane.

Having had pizza the previous night, wife was very keen on the recommended ‘DriveIn Bhel’ and so we ordered that and Sev Puri.

‘DriveIn Bhel’ is nothing but regular bhel, it having got it’s name from the time when choice used to operate a snack bar at Ahmedabad’s only DriveIn theatre where it was a best seller. Good, crisp kurmure, sev, papdi with the right amount of chutney sprinkled with dhania and pomegranate.

Sev Puri was similar, but the Puri’s are thick, more so after having eaten Sev Puri in Mumbai, it seems different, but good for a change. I still am unable to fathom why Ahmedabad restaurants are unable to chop onions minutely, given that choppers are easily available.

We followed this up with a Sada Dosa – crisp, just perfect, the chutney less coconut and not sweet, but the Sambhar aka Dal let us down.


Overall a pleasant experience, more so because the wife had never had Chaat here earlier, besides the fact that every time I would speak in Gujarati, the server would answer in Hindi, but was merrily speaking in Gujarati to my wife and other tables. Paying off, as we were walking past, the man on the counter said “Saheb, bahu divase, Amerika thi kyare avya” (Saheb, Long time, When did you come back from America) Answered him and went out to a smirking wife 🙂

This is a constant problem for me when I travel to Gujarat, somehow all the old acquaintances just refuse to accept that I am based out of Bombay, reasons for the assumption are best left discussed elsewhere.

Location: Navrangpura, Ahmedabad
Meal: Snack
Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Damages: Approx 300 for 2

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends