Burrping since April 2008 is what my profile reads. Frankly don’t know why, how I landed up on the site, but began with a couple of reviews, when the ex owner wrote back, thanking me, met him, liked what they were doing with the product, continued with some reviews, read that it was sold off, did not like changes on the website, travel, work interfered – time passed by.

Fast forward to 2012/13 – changed/upgraded phones, realised there was an App, tried it out, found a bit of convenience, travelling, managed to knock of dozens of reviews of places – yes they’ve shifted focus to retail, events, shows et all – and boom there was a barrage of gifts. A hamper of chocolates and shot glasses; followed by a voucher of one night stay in Goa.

This was by no means the first gift from them, In the distant past they had sent a complete set of stationery, some other glasses/coasters etc.

AND this post is not about Freebies 🙂 But just the logic of their gifts/rewards and communication.

1) I have no clue or interaction with anybody in the team except Deap years ago and after selling it off, he has moved.
2) I have never participated in any contests willingly or wanted to.

So seriously do not know the logic with which they reward.

Am I happy with the gifts – Sure, who would not like gifts, but like the uniqueness more.

Will I continue burrping with burrp – Possibly, but as a reviewer have a lot of problems with their site.

I would like them to actually listen to the reviewers more and try to simplify a lot of aspects given the fact that this is the crowd sourcing age and they have been making use of us.

But, Yes, Keep the gifts coming 🙂 Make them more unique….

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends