I had written about Burrp and Zomato here in which I had mentioned about Instance 3.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a tweet asking for my email address – since it seemed to be another of those restaurants/pubs gave my gmail id. In a day or so I received an email.



Hey There!

We’ve noticed you enjoy sharing your opinions and experiences of dining and drinking out with fellow Zomato-ers and we think it’s about time you got something in return for your efforts.

As a gift for the tummy-pleasing labour you’ve put yourself through, we’re inviting you and some select few Zomato Pros for an evening of food, drinks, good news and great times at XXXXXXX.

Enjoy our smoked and molecular cocktails workshop and get 1 starter, 1 main course and 2 drinks on the house!


Please RSVP to confirm your attendance!

I ignored this mail, as also their subsequent tweet followup.

I do not know who attended – many/most would have, also enjoyed it, whatever.

Unfortunately, this did not work for me at all. Some of the reasons –

a) Partnership with Zomato? Then why ask my contact details? Get Zomato to send an invite.
b) Sharing experiences – yes; dining & drinking with fellow zomato-ers – duh! just one lunch in 22
c) As a ‘Gift’ for labour – Whoa! 1 starter, 1 main course & 2 drinks. WoW! That is serious money
AND all this after attending a ‘smoked and molecular cocktail workshop’.

This may be put down to some over enthusiastic Social Media/PR Trainee or whatever you like, BUT to me it is sheer Brand negligence, particularly because there are high expectations.

1) I do not review to get gifts, rewards. Yes I know there are many who do so.
2) I always pay for my food and drinks – barring the one of invites, where a disclaimer is posted.
3) I do not thrash restaurants/brands on one visit, because my reviews are always after three

Hence, my expectation in this case was very simple.

i) Invitation from Zomato endorsing the restaurant/pub as a partner
ii) Carefully drafted invite rather than one which says ‘Chal theek hai……’
iii) Call me for a damn experience – molecular cocktail workshop – where tasting can be done etc.

I understand Pubs/Bars open dime a dozen and want to keep doing differently and Social Media is the way to go about it these days, then learn to use it properly.

Disclaimer This post has not been written to thrash the brand but also as something that Agencies & clients need to understand and stop tarring everyone with the same brush/invite as the case may be.

Update – Based on this post Deepof zomato clarified their position, confirming that they had not approved or were involved with the brand and are planning to take corrective action.

Written by AD
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