Zomato says I joined 22 months ago. Much much later than Burrp about which you can read here.

I shifted or added on Zomato would be a better word, because of the problems of integration, upload at Burrp after they acquired which was irritating. Was the adding on smooth, No, there was the usual login issues etc which was handled pretty smoothly by the team.

They grew by leaps and bounds, expectations grew which is normal. Their supposed analytics, architecture was first rate – never mind that the ‘about us’ was a directly similar to another website including words, spellings et all for a while – and at times this became a peeve for me.

1) Their response time changed from proactive to reactive
2) The interaction became 3rd party, at least for me.
3) The famous architecture/analytics fell by the wayside somewhere.

On the point no 3 I suffered a couple of instances which really ticked me off.

Instance 1 Happened a year and half back. They wrote/tweeted asking for my postal address and a few days later, received an envelope which had a voucher of a restaurant worth 1000/-. I felt very good, till I read the details – Restaurant in Mulund, reservation etc etc – If you know Bombay, then you know going for a meal of 1000/- from Andheri to Mulund will end up costing you much more than that; also I know which mall, location the restaurant is located, so never full, just opened But then I guess that is what rewards in India normally mean.

Instance 2 An email asking permission to print some of my reviews in a book they were launching. Duh! good form to ask, appreciate it, but when I give you my content the T&A takes care of everything. This was followed up by an urgent request for my Bio, latest HiRes picture etc. I was already doing cartwheels now. Managed to send, inspite of not being around. Book release, nice, invited, given a free copy with lunch, Spent the entire journey back trying to locate a) My handsome picture 2) Reviews to realise there were some minor reviews printed. And maybe my photo is there, not in my copy probably. Yes, Yes I know it is their prerogative but raising expectations?

Instance 3 This is too recent and painful – probably needs a separate blog post to itself.

My thoughts on this are simple:

1) You invited to review, I accepted – no commercial transaction involved
2) You raised expectations with the reviewer, visitor, users.
3) Nowhere in your analytics, contests, follower did I participate, ask, demand for reward or gratification.
4) My profile created has all the details, you interact on other social platforms, then why is it so difficult to use analytics to talk to me

Does this mean that I will stop reviewing – No, but my expectations have taken a nose dive. I don’t see a value addition over time for me as a reviewer.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends